Comfort, Lobsters, and Sandbag Workouts

As CrossFitters, we generally strive to be better. We want PRs, from benchmark WODs to strength movements. We chase our first double under, ring dip, …

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Join the CrossFit 26 #800gChallenge

Did you participate in our 26 January nutrition challenge? Whether you’d like to keep the ball rolling on some healthy changes you made during that …

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How to Stay Motivated to Work Out

We all have days when we don’t feel much like hitting the gym. Regular rest days are obviously important, but I’m talking about long stretches …

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The 26 Game Plan for a Healthier Super Bowl Party

Are you among the 87% of Americans who will attend or host a Super Bowl party this Sunday? My love of football has admittedly waned …

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Looking for Your Next Diet Plan? Read this First.

I read a stat today that BLEW. My MIND. A survey of 2000 British adults released last week suggests that the average adult will try …

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5 Reasons to Join our January Nutrition Challenge

New Year’s resolutions are fine, I suppose, but real and lasting change comes when you focus on daily habits. If you’d like to lay the …

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The 26 Guide to Holiday Gifts for CrossFitters

Are you stumped on gift ideas for the gym lover in your life? Here are some of our favorite gifts for CrossFitters you know and …

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Enjoying the Holidays (When You’re Trying to Stay Healthy)

The holidays can seem daunting when you have health and fitness goals, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are 7 tips for …

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Fending Off Food Pushers During the Holidays

Do you come from a family of food pushers? A food pusher is someone who tries to coax or shame you into eating more food. …

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4 Strategies for Combatting Portion Distortion

Are your eyes bigger than your stomach? If so, you’re not alone. Portion distortion has become a common problem in the past several decades and …

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