Romesco Salsa

You know that scene in Elf when Buddy meets his dad’s coworker and says, “FranCISco! That’s fun to say!” I always think of that when …

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What is Rucking and Should You Be Doing It?

If lockdown taught me one thing about my fitness, it’s that I REALLY prefer to workout in a group. But if it taught me another …

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Should You Be Using Hydration Supplements?

Important question: To whom may I direct my complaint letter about this heat and humidity? A weather app I love once described summer days in …

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4 Ways Twerking Class is Making Me a Better CrossFitter

Have you ever tried something new that you were SO excited about that you found a way to work it into every conversation you had …

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Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas

If your slow cooker goes into hibernation during the warm summer months, you’re missing out big time! Slow cookers aren’t just for soup season. In …

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Salmon and Peach Salad

If you ask me, the most wonderful time of the year isn’t Christmas…it’s peach season!! If you love peaches as much as I do, I …

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The Plateau of Latent Potential in Weight Loss

Most people starting out on a weight loss journey want results, like, yesterday. The reality is, weight loss takes time, even when you do everything …

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Rethinking “Summer Body Ready”

Last Tuesday, I nearly lost my shit. My day started out fine—I poured myself a coffee and began my new daily ritual of decluttering my …

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Chocolate Energy Protein Balls

Pop quiz, hotshot: You’re crushing your nutrition goals, seeing awesome progress at the gym, and feeling pretty great, when you get the sudden and insatiable …

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Healthy Santa Fe Chicken Salad Recipe

I’ve never been to Santa Fe, but I HAVE been to California Pizza Kitchen. Worked there for several years, in fact (not least of all …

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