“I Have No Energy or Motivation to Exercise.”

If you’ve ever felt like you have no energy or motivation to exercise, you’re in good company.

Most people (myself included) go through stretches when they’d much rather curl up under a blanket than hit the gym.

In this post, I’ll give you a few suggestions for staying (or becoming) consistent with exercise so you can progress toward your goals.

Why Don’t You Have the Energy or Motivation to Exercise?

There are many possible reasons why you don’t have the energy or motivation to exercise. Here are just a few:

  1. Your life is super busy or stressful.
  2. You’re not sleeping well.
  3. Your current fitness routine is boring.
  4. You have something in your life that feels like a higher priority.
  5. You’re in a mental health funk.
  6. You’re not getting your desired results despite working out for a while.

Sometimes, rest is best! Pushing too hard when you’re sleep-deprived and stressed will only exacerbate those issues and leave you susceptible to injury.

But let’s say you’re not pushing too hard–you’re just feeling “meh” about exercise. How do you find the energy and motivation to exercise?

How to Find the Energy and Motivation to Exercise

Need to light a fire under your tush?

Here are a few strategies that may help.

Connect with Your Why

Why, exactly, do you want to exercise?

Sure, you want to be healthier and look good (we all do). But beyond that, what makes you feel like you should work out?

Getting incredibly clear and specific about your why can sometimes help bust you out of a rut.

I find exercise to be less of a chore when I’m training for something. That something might be an endurance event or training to be fit enough to keep up with my kids.

Stuck on identifying your why? This worksheet might help.

Just Take Action

If you’re waiting on motivation and energy to get started, you may have to wait a while.

Often, the best way to find the motivation and energy to exercise is to start exercising.

It’s often said that motivation leads to action, but the opposite is also true: Action increases motivation.

Don’t believe me? Try this.

Head to the gym, but give yourself permission to quit your workout if you’re not feeling it 10-15 minutes in.

I’ve used this trick hundreds of times and have only thrown in the towel a couple of times (and it turns out I was sick for all but one of the times I quit).

And even if you do quit, keep this next point in mind.

Start Small

A five-minute workout is better than no workout at all. The same is true for an “easy” or light workout!

An all-or-nothing mentality is practically guaranteed to keep you in a rut. Rather than thinking you need to sweat buckets every time you hit the gym, give yourself permission to start with quick and easy workouts.

Once that motivation and energy kick in, you can increase the duration and intensity.

Celebrate Your Wins

Have you ever felt like just getting out the door is a victory?

Well, that’s because it is!

Taking the time to appreciate your wins is a great way to build confidence and increase motivation. Each little victory can also give you a bit of data about what helps you get moving.

What do I mean by that?

Let’s say you FINALLY made it to the gym before work (because you’re amazing, duh). What did you do that helped make that early workout possible? Did you skip the nightcap, go to bed early, or set your clothes out the night before?

Awesome. Now, do that thing again.

Remember–action begets action. Every win is worth celebrating when you’ve lacked the energy and motivation to work out–no matter how small it may seem.

Join a Group

It’s tough to stay accountable to yourself when you’re feeling tired and unmotivated.

But working out with a group is a great way to find energy and motivation!

Case in point: Some studies suggest that working out with others can significantly increase time spent exercising.

We’re partial to CrossFit and weightlifting, but there are SO many options if strength training isn’t your jam (like dance classes and running groups).

Need Help Finding the Energy and Motivation to Exercise?

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