The Top 4 Benefits of CrossFit for Women

If you’re a lady who’s considered trying CrossFit, you may be curious about some of the benefits of CrossFit for women.

Sure, CrossFit can make you stronger, fitter, and healthier (whether you’re male or female). But in my experience, some of the side effects of doing CrossFit are especially great for women.

In this post, I’ll share four of the biggest benefits I’ve experienced as a CrossFit athlete-turned coach-turned gym owner.

Increases Self-Sufficiency

Sure, you’ll lift plenty of heavy things in the CrossFit gym. But CrossFit also empowers and enables you to do some heavy lifting in the real world.

A few months ago, as I loaded several large bags of soil onto a cart at the local Home Depot, an older gentleman said, “Those are awfully heavy, hon.”

“M’kay, thanks!” I chirped (as I hoisted one onto my shoulder for dramatic flair).

I’m not gonna lie–that felt pretty good. So does being able to get your extra large Christmas tree off your SUV and into your house, move your mattress, or carry 15 bags of groceries in one trip…all by yourself.

CrossFit is functional fitness, which helps you get stronger at movements you perform in day-to-day life. For example:

  • Hoisting a heavy soil bag from the ground to your shoulder is the same movement pattern as a power clean.
  • Lifting a Christmas tree off a tall SUV is the inverse of a shoulder-to-overhead.
  • Carrying multiple shopping bags at once is basically the real-life version of a farmers carry.

The real world requires you to squat, hinge, push, pull, and carry daily. CrossFit will give you the strength and confidence to do those movements well so that you can do your own heavy lifting.

Lift Your Spirits

Many studies have linked exercise with better mental health, but there’s something extra special about group fitness.

In a 2017 study, researchers found that group fitness classes lowered stress by 26 percent and improved mental and emotional health by 13 and 26 percent, respectively.

These improvements were significantly greater than people who worked out alone–even those who worked out twice as long.

Whether you’ve had a bad day, you’re fighting with your partner, your job stinks, or the world is just too much, there’s no mood booster quite as effective as throwing around a heavy barbell among friends.

And speaking of friends…

You’ll Find a Tribe of Like-Minded Women

Community is one of CrossFit’s greatest benefits in general, especially for women.

Many of the greatest friendships of my life started at the CrossFit gym, where I continue to be inspired by the women around me every day.

These ladies all start CrossFit for different reasons, but ultimately, they all want to be the best possible versions of themselves (both in and out of the gym).

The women in my gym celebrate each other’s successes and support each other through the more painful phases of personal growth. They make me believe I can do anything as long as I do the work.

As great as the workouts are, this tribe has kept me coming back day after day for nearly a decade.

Improves Body Image

Of all the benefits of CrossFit for women, this one may be my favorite: CrossFit can completely change how you think about your body.

I’ve experienced this myself!

I started CrossFit because I wanted to be thinner. I’d been a distance runner for years, and my daily 4-5 miles weren’t getting me closer to my body goal.

At first, I was afraid CrossFit would make me bulky (I’ve since learned this isn’t likely for most women, FYI).

Over time, I stopped caring less about the weight on my bathroom scale and more about the weight I could deadlift.

Sure, I have days where I nitpick my body. But most days, I’m much more focused on what my body can do than how it looks. And man, is that liberating!

See the Benefits of CrossFit for Women Yourself!

CrossFit has changed my life in ways I couldn’t possibly have imagined when I walked in for my first workout. It could change yours, too!

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of CrossFit for women, come work out with us! Click here to schedule a free intro phone call and learn more about joining our tribe of strong ladies.

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