The 26 Guide to Holiday Gifts for CrossFitters

Are you stumped on gift ideas for the gym lover in your life? Here are some of our favorite gifts for CrossFitters you know and love, starting at zero dollars!

Mobility and Recovery Gifts for CrossFitters

Is the CrossFitter in your life a little creaky? Mobility gifts are always a great choice!

On the more affordable end of the spectrum, a good foam roller is great for easing aches and pains.  As someone with a tight T-spine (too much time spent hunched over the laptop, maybe?), I’m also a big fan of my yoga wheel lately.

Of course, mobility gear isn’t so effective if your favorite gym lover doesn’t know what to do with it. Here’s a great book for helping your loved one optimize mobility, performance, and recovery.

Is your budget a little bigger? Crossover Symmetry has some great products for boosting mobility, and Theragun is a fun tool for athletes prone to tight muscles.

Hand Care

Nothing says love and romance like . . . callus management products. However, if the CrossFitter in your life is prone to calluses, rips, and tears, (s)he may appreciate a little hand care TLC.

DuoDerm is a good stocking stuffer if your loved one often complains of hand rips. The thin, hydrocolloid wound dressing can be trimmed and fitted to the hand, protecting and healing the rip in Rx-plus time. Our gym has some pretty die-hard DuoDerm fans, but just know that this gift may raise eyebrows and/or require some explanation. Feel free to send the recipient my way for how-tos.

Even better than wound care, of course, is prevention! This can often be achieved with a callus shaver and, sometimes, hand protection. Here’s my favorite callus shaver (I know, something the world has always wanted to know about me!), but other 26 coaches are partial to the PedEgg.

And what about hand protection? That’s one of those gifts for CrossFitters that may or may not be helpful, depending on your loved one’s experience level.

Long-time CrossFitters have probably experimented with them already and either have a favorite kind or don’t use them at all. Newer CrossFitters or ones who are just starting to master pull-ups and toes to bar may find them helpful! Here’s a popular option among 26ers, but I love these stick-ons from WOD&Done. And of course, a gift card is always a good idea if you’re not sure.

Finally, don’t forget about thumbs! Flexible tape helps prevent rubbing on high-volume barbell workouts and makes for a great stocking stuffer.


Think your favorite CrossFitter would like to be the most stylish person at the gym (or the most comfortable, at least)?

We are partial to custom 26 gear, of course. However, some of our other favorite brands include Fleo for women’s shorts and leggings,  Born Primitive for menswear and sports bras, and Barbell Voodoo and Doughnuts and Deadlifts for cheeky Ts and tanks.

CrossFit-specific shoes (including lifters) are a great gift as well, although athletes are very specific on their preferences. A gift card to Rogue is a good choice, or to NoBull if your CrossFitter likes their footwear.

For Foodies

Does your favorite CrossFitter love to cook and meal prep?

One of my favorite purchases this year was my PrepDeck, which helps streamline prep work and cooking. The unit looks snazzy and includes multiple gadgets, storage containers, and cutting boards for loads of cooking fun.

Does your foodie CrossFitter want to take his kitchen mastery to the next level? What about a knife skills class from Kitchen Conservatory? While you’re there, check out some cookbooks, which make for great gifts! I love Skinnytaste for everyday cooking, or WellFed for the Paleo CrossFitter in your life.


Another great gift option? Help your CrossFit-loving buddy gear up. A new gym bag could be a nice option, as well as a custom jump rope or shin guards for rope climbs and box jumps.

Experiential Gifts for CrossFitters

Is the CrossFitter in your life frustrated by a particular skill? Let us help out with that!

We’d love to book a few personal training sessions to focus on skill or technique. Click here for more info.

Acts of Love for your CrossFitter

Your favorite CrossFitter works hard at the gym. One of the best gifts for CrossFitters that costs no money is to celebrate their gym victories with them! Fist bumps, “good jobs,” and acknowledgment of their hard work means a lot!

Want to take that a step further? Come see why your person loves CrossFit so much! Click here to tour the gym and see if CrossFit might be a good fit for you (y’know, treat yo’self!)

Happy shopping, and (most importantly) happy holidays!

Disclaimer: The opinions in this post are completely unbiased. We received no compensation or free products in exchange for our recommendations. 

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