5 Reasons to Join our January Nutrition Challenge

New Year’s resolutions are fine, I suppose, but real and lasting change comes when you focus on daily habits. If you’d like to lay the foundation for a healthy 2020, we’d love for you to join our 28-day nutrition challenge in January!

There are lots of great reasons to participate in our nutrition challenge, but here are 5 highlights:

It’s designed by a dietitian and proven to work.

Our nutrition challenge was designed by a fellow dietitian and affiliate owner and has been tested in hundreds of gyms, corporations, and nutrition private practices. Friend, the results speak for themselves. In just 28 days, the average challenge participant loses 6 pounds and 2 percent body fat and gains 2 pounds of muscle!

It’s not just about fat loss.

Fat loss is a common outcome, but the challenge still helpful for people who are happy with their body weight! The challenge meal plans are customizable based on your goals, and our coaching staff (including me—an RD!) is there every step of the way to offer support and help with midcourse corrections. But why would you participate in our nutrition challenge if you don’t want to lose weight?

Our nutrition challenge will help you to build healthy habits.

Our challenge will give you the tools to implement simple, sustainable changes that are healthy for you and the whole family. What’s more, you’ll have support and accountability from our coaches and the other challenge participants. Let us help you lay a good foundation for healthy eating in 2020!

Our challenge is not restrictive.

Give up carbs? No way, dude! We’re not going to ask you to give up carbs, or much of anything for that matter! Our program is based on wholesome, unprocessed foods, but it leaves room for you to enjoy many of your favorite foods in small amounts.

On a similar note, our program doesn’t ask to you cut calories excessively. In our test group, many participants have reported feeling more satisfied, eating more food, and still meeting their goals. We find that this approach makes it easier to stick with healthy eating, long-term.

Meal plans are adaptable to suit your dietary preferences and restrictions.

Don’t do dairy? No problem. Does gluten bother your gut? We’ve got you covered. Not much of a cook? We hear you! Our challenge meal plans include a wide variety of foods, but we offer plenty of substitutions to make it work for you well beyond 28 days.

It’s going to be pretty awesome, and a great way to start 2020!

Nutrition Challenge Details

What’s included in the nutrition challenge?

Our 28-day challenge includes:

-Before and after body composition scans with an InBody
-28-day meal plan with grocery list and recipes (adaptable to your needs)
-Ongoing support and accountability using our nutrition app
-Kickoff seminar (will be recorded for those who can’t make it)
-Weekly nutrition video tips
-Exclusive nutrition content via our app
-Community Support!

What does the challenge cost?

The challenge will cost $99. This will likely be the lowest rate we’ll ever offer for a challenge—all the more reason to get on board now!

When does it begin?

The challenge will run from Monday, January 13, through Sunday, February  9. The kickoff seminar will be held on January 11th and will be recorded for those who can’t make it. Initial InBody scans will be conducted by appointment in the week before the challenge (it just takes a few minutes!).

Do I have to be a 26 member to participate?

Nope! You just need to live in St. Louis! Tell your friends, your family, your coworkers…but do it soon. Space is limited!

What if I’m still on the fence?

We get it—it’s a big decision! We want our challenge to be right for you, and we’d love to answer your specific questions.  Email [email protected] to set up a time to chat.

How do I sign up for the January Nutrition Challenge?

Click here to fill out a registration form, or email [email protected].

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