Two Six Breath and Exposure

You can’t train your best if you don’t feel your best. Two Six Breath and Exposure is designed to enhance performance by improving physical and mental health.

Why Two Six Breath and Exposure?

Chronic stress. Poor sleep. Your lifestyle outside of the gym makes a huge difference in how you feel and perform in the gym. Our Breath and Exposure classes give you tools you can implement every single day to manage your stress, sleep better, and feel better.


Increased Resilience. Decreased Stress. Better Recovery.

Increased Resilience

Submerging in an ice bath forces you out of your comfort zone, and quickly! Just a couple of minutes of cold exposure can increase your capacity to overcome stressors in and out of the gym.

Decreased Stress

Got stress? Our trained Breath and Exposure coaches will lead you through an exploratory breathwork series to help you find breathing patterns you can use to mellow out when stress rears its ugly head.

Better Recovery

Quality sleep is the best recovery tool. Our breath and exposure protocols are designed to trigger parts of the central nervous system that promote restful sleep.

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