March Madness Bracket Challenge at CrossFit 26

To say that times are crazy is a bit of an understatement right now. Public events–including March Madness–have been canceled worldwide. Many in our gym family are choosing to stay home (and very reasonably so). The 26 brain trust wants to keep you active during this difficult time, and Coach Elizabeth has created an awesome plan to do that–a March Madness Bracket Challenge.

And friends, it gets better: There are prizes. We want to make this a win-win for our community and the STL community. The winner of our March Madness Bracket Challenge will receive a $100 gift certificate to a locally owned business facing hardship during forced shutdowns.

How Will the March Madness Bracket Challenge Work?

How’s our challenge going to work? In the words of Montell Jordan, “This is how we do it.”

  1. Download the official Workout Madness Bracket.
  2. Within each section of the bracket, you’ll see two movements. You’re going to pick your poison and do a tabata for one of those two movements. If you’re unfamiliar, a tabata is 8 rounds of 0:20 work, followed by 0:10 of rest (4 total minutes). Go hard for those 4 minutes, and try and match or better your score from the first round for all 8 rounds.
  3. Work your way through the entire bracket (yep, that’s 63 tabatas). You can do this in any style you see fit between now and the end of March. You can make it one monster workout if you’d like, and even do it more than once!  Personally, I plan to work through them as I get antsy throughout the day. Tabata here, tabata there…

How do I Win that Gift Card?

Our March Madness Bracket Challenge will award points for various achievements and tasks between now and the end of March. Each point will be worth one entry in our gift card drawing.

10 points: Each time you complete a full bracket sheet
3 points: Each time you do a tabata and tag us on social media. No social media? Send photos or videos to Kim and she’ll   post them for you.
2 points: Getting at least one family member to do it with you. Tag us on social media for 5 total points.
1 point: Commenting in our private Facebook group.

Challenge begins tomorrow! Print out those brackets and get to work. And thanks, Coach Elizabeth, for the awesome idea.




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