February Mobility Challenge!

February is a month to celebrate love. And because we love you, we want to talk about your mobility. If you’re feeling creaky after your WODs, or want to improve your lifts, or even if you are the best CrossFit athlete ever—you need to be doing more mobility. That’s why we are introducing a mobility challenge for the month of February.

Why the Mobility Challenge?

Good mobility can make you a better athlete, while poor mobility certainly doesn’t help performance. Some benefits of mobility work include:

-Better posture
-Healthier range of motion
-Lower injury risk
-Less soreness
-Better recovery
-Increased power in lifts

Admittedly, it can be difficult to make the time to do mobility work some days. But I notice a big difference in how I feel and how I perform when I make it a priority (which, full disclosure, I don’t do often enough–hence the challenge!).

How Does the Mobility Challenge Work?

We would like for you to commit to doing 10 minutes of mobility AMDAP (as many days as possible) in February beyond what’s programmed at the gym. This can be done in one or more sessions throughout the day, as long as it totals 10 minutes.

Examples of mobility work include:

-Exercises prescribed by physical therapists or sports chiros (like our friends at InBox Functional Rehab).
-Foam Rolling
-Lacrosse Ball
-Programming from MobilityWOD, ROMWOD, Movement Vault, GMB, or other providers.

Mobility work that’s done as part of a warmup or cool down during class do not count for our mobility challenge.

Celebrate your increasing bendiness throughout the course of the month by marking off each day of mobility work on this handy checklist! At the end of the month, turn in the checklist for a chance to win a super cool prize.

What are the Prizes for the Mobility Challenge?

We all win when we do more mobility. However, the person who has accumulated the most days of mobility work will win a secret prize. In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by random drawing.

Have fun, y’all, and happy mobilizing!

Kim is a CF-L1 trainer and a Brand X Method coach, as well as a registered dietitian nutritionist. She coaches adult and kiddo classes at 26. 

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