Stop Food Cravings with Mindful Eating

Stop Food Cravings with Mindful Eating

Have you ever found yourself so focused on a specific food that you can’t think of anything else? It happens to the best of us! In fact, many of my clients over the years have asked how to stop food cravings. As someone who is prone to cravings myself, I have bad...

Are Frozen Vegetables Healthy?

Are Frozen Vegetables Healthy?

As a registered dietitian, one of my biggest jobs is to dispel the many (many many many) food and nutrition rumors that make the rounds. Some of these rumors probably started with good intentions of making people eat healthier, but they seriously backfire. Case in...

Masters 100219

CrossFit 26 - MastersMetconMetcon (AMRAP - Rounds)AMRAP 25:00 400m Row *Rest the same time that you ran. A sample flow is as follows: At 0:00 run 400m. If the row takes you 2:00, you have 2:00 of rest.Cool DownMetcon (No Measure)3 Rounds 0:15/0:15 side plant 0:30...


CrossFit 26 - CrossFitMetconCindy (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)20-Minute AMRAP of: 5 Pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 SquatsCool DownMetcon (No Measure)5:00 Row or bike easy 2 Rounds 0:45 Wall press stretch 0:45 Double quad stretch

Masters 093019

CrossFit 26 - MastersWeightliftingBack Squat (In 20 minutes, establish a 5 rep max w/ great form)Cool DownMetcon (No Measure)8 Rounds 0:10 hanging knee raise hold or hang from rings/rig, or toes to rig 0:20 Rest 50 PVC good mornings


CrossFit 26 - CrossFitWeightliftingBack Squat (In 20:00: Establish a 1-rep max back squat )AccessoryMetcon (No Measure)8 Rounds 0:10 L-sit 0:20 Rest 75 Banded good mornings


CrossFit 26 - StrongFitWarm-up (No Measure)Jefferson squat 4x30 second each sideMetcon (No Measure)5rds ME SB Dimmel DL 10 slamballsSumo Deadlift (8 EMOM 5reps every minute)


CrossFit 26 - CrossFitMetcon ()Metcon (Time)Triple 2's For time: 2k Row 200 Double unders 2mile RunCool DownMetcon (No Measure)1:30/1:30 Lower leg barbell smash 1:30/1:30 Pigeon stretch