February Mobility Challenge!

February is a month to celebrate love. And because we love you, we want to talk about your mobility. If you’re feeling creaky after your

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The Yoke and You

Why should the yoke be a part of our training? That bulky thing next to our ropes and sleds: How is it a good supplement

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Habits Over Resolutions

Do you set New Year’s resolutions each year? If so, good for you! Your desire to be your best version of yourself is admirable. However,

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Iron + Oar at CF26

Do you love cardio and boot camp style workouts? Do you enjoy an early morning workout in a fun and supportive environment? Or have you

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Kids’ Program at CrossFit 26!

Our revamped kids’ program aims to boost strength, coordination, athleticism, and confidence in 6-13 year-olds. Using techniques from the Brand X Method, our certified trainers

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Little Lifters at CrossFit 26

Little Lifters boosts strength, coordination, and confidence among our smallest athletes. Children ages 3-5 will learn basic strength training, gymnastics, and calisthenics using techniques from

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