CrossFit 26 – CrossFitMetconMetcon (Weight)8 Rounds: 5 Back Squats 2 lengths of sandbag carry (AHAP) *Rest as needed between rounds **Increase squat weight each round. Record final weight. Try and treat each round as a sprint.Record sandbag weight in...

StrongFit 013119

CrossFit 26 – StrongFitMetcon (No Measure)7min AMRAP 7 BB row 7 box jump 100m sprintMetcon (No Measure)150 SB squat Every time you drop… 5 SB clean


CrossFit 26 – CrossFitMetconMetcon (Time)15-1 Pullups *After each round do 5R/5L walking suitcase carry lunges AND 5 Burpees

Hop, Shuffle, Flop

CrossFit 26 – Little LiftersFocusMetcon (No Measure)Get the Wiggles OutFocusMetcon (No Measure)Single Leg HopsWarm-upWarm-up (No Measure)10-meter bear crawl 2 single-leg hops 10-meter side shuffleMovement PracticeMetcon (No Measure)Movement Exploration: Walk...


CrossFit 26 – CrossFitMetconMetcon (10 Rounds for weight)10 attempts to complete the heaviest possible complex of the following: Squat clean Thruster Back squat Thruster Front SquatNO CRAPPY MOVEMENT! Each complex should be smooth, fluid, and controlled. **Rest...